A Rockin Time With Moroccanoil

Happy Friday my fellow bloggers!!!

I come to you today with an exciting product we have here at Xhale Salon and Spa!!! (drum roll……)  introducing Moroccanoil the co-founder of Moroccanoil was on a trip to Israel when she received a bad color service, a friend took her to her salon to get a oil treatment! with such astonishing results Carmen (the co-founder) was determined to come up with a product of her own to give the results that she had received but better! With her vision and help from her husband and a team of visionaries  Moroccanoil was born and it has hit the ground running since it has made its debut.

Moroccanoil is specifically designed to the your hair feeling naturally smooth and looking shiny, but also improves its actual condition to make it stronger with each use of Moroccanoil. I can honestly say after experiencing the moroccanoil line I would suggest it to everyone!! Xhale is with the elite salons who offer this products to our clients, I can also vouch for them they are never disappointed! So if your ever down in the heart of Louisville and needing a pick me up let Xhale Salon and Spa meet your moroccanoil needs.


Until next friday my fellow bloggers!



Times @ Xhale

Hello from the world of Xhale Salon!!! Today is a mildy busy day in the salon and spa so I wanted to launch our first blog! Here at Xhale we offer a variety of services, anything from mani’s and pedi’s to body foliations!! We are based in the heart of downtown Louisville at the Galt House. We love our local clientel as well as serving the clients who travel with to and from the hotel! So from Xhale we just want to stop in and give you a friendly hello and until next time remember one thing…Take Time and Xhale….

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