Youngblood Mineral Makeup

Everyone hears that mineral makeup is “good” for you, but what exactly makes it different from other types of makeup?

At Xhale Salon-Spa, we are in love with Youngblood mineral makeup! Youngblood mineral makeup is unlike traditional makeup, which is usually filled with harmful chemical-based additives. Mineral makeup also naturally provides the wearer with sun protection, they also do not support the growth of bacteria, which poses a lower risk for allergic reaction. Because mineral makeup is so gentle, it is ideal to use if you have problem skin (acne, rosacea) or while recovering from medical procedures. There are even more benefits to Youngblood then how good it is for your skin. Youngblood offers a full range of products from liquid foundation to vibrant eyeliners and crème blushes; they also have a rainbow of colors ranging from basic neutrals to electric blue to satisfy all your color cravings! Making the switch to Youngblood is made even easier since you can rest easy knowing they are a vegan brand that does not do any testing on animals. But you’ll really be hooked for life when you see and feel the difference Youngblood makes on your skin! Come and get your Youngblood Mineral Makeup at Xhale.

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