Spray tan – A story of conversion

spray tan

Like most people, I love the way I look when I’m tan. And like most, to achieve this I’ve had to spend hours in the sun, reapplying a healthy layer of sunscreen and balancing with tanning oil. Trying to get that all-over tan is even harder – every 20 minutes I would have to reposition or flip to maximize the sun’s effectiveness. My lighter skin, however, burns easily and when I do manage to get a tan it fades within a couple days, leaving me crestfallen and discouraged.

I decided to try the tanning bed technique- a few minutes a day was worth it to have that perfectly tan skin. Upon my second visit to the tanning salon, the technician put me on a level 3 bed instead of a level one. In addition, she started the bed for 15 minutes instead of 10. I was fried! The term ” so red it’s purple” never felt (or looked) so true.

That’s when a friend recommended a spray tan. I’ll admit that I was hesitant. Aren’t they messy? Will I turn orange? With reticence and reluctance I went and got a spray tan. I spoke to the technician about my concerns and learned the truth about spray tans – They are fantastic!

The myths:

Myth 1) Spray tans are messy.There is nothing messy about spray tanning at a professional salon. Because airbrush mist is sprayed directly on your skin at a high speed, there is no run off. Most spray tans are formulated to dry fast, so you can be on your way out just a few minutes after your application.

Myth 2) They look unnatural: One of the biggest reasons why people, and myself, put off getting a spray tan is because they are afraid it will turn their skin into an unnatural shade of orange. A vision of jersey shore fake-bake orange always popped into my head. In reality, controlling the intensity of your color with spray tans is easy. High-quality tanning solutions are specifically developed with color guards that work with unique skin tones to develop a tan that looks healthy and natural.

Myth 3) Spray tans are not worth the money because they fade fast.The lifespan of a spray tan is directly related to skin care. Exfoliating before spray tanning and using moisturizers consistently after your tanning session can easily double the amount of time your spray tan lasts.

So after a little encouragement I tried it.The result is a great summer glow that left me feeling like a tan goddess. Finally, I have found a healthy way to get a great summer glow!