About Tiger Balm Topical Ointment

Tiger Balm is a staple in locker rooms, sports schools, and home medicine chests around the world. Originally designed as a topical analgesic for muscles and joints, it has found other uses as well. Today, it is used as a remedy for itching, sprains, congestion from allergies, and headaches. It’s even found uses as a mosquito repellent and a chest rub for colds.The two main ingredients are camphor and menthol. Camphor is found in the essential oils of rosemary. Menthol comes from the essential oil of mint. Both are counter-irritants, meaning that they cause a minor irritation on the skin that increases circulation and makes the skin feel tingly, or perhaps hot or cool. Other ingredients include Cajaput (Melaluca Lucadendron Tea Tree Oil), Cassia Oil, Clove Oil, Dementholized Mint Oil, and Paraffin Petrolatum. Tea tree oil, and clove oil are also counter-irritants.

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